It’s a fixin to come one

Translation: things are changing or there is a storm headed this way.  I love this phrase! I learned from some relatives, but I’m still unsure if I am using it right.

It is fixin to come one on this blog.  I’ve been ridiculously absent for quite some time.  Let’s just say that teaching, coaching, renovating a new house, and other school related passion projects have taken priority over my blog this year.  With summer approaching I’m trying to get myself back on the horse.  I will be posting more often, however you may notice a different feel to the posts.  I will still use this as a sounding board for design thinking and technology education in K-12, but you may notice a tone that is more akin to a journal than a clearinghouse of information.  

This largely reflects my current state of mind in regards to my teaching career.  I’m finishing up my 3rd year of teaching after a career change.  I was previously a process engineer and then small business owner/operator.  At this point I feel like I’ve graduated from the “Discovery” mode of my teaching career where I took heavy doses of empathy along the way.  So, following my schools DEEP design thinking methodology – Discover, Empathize, Experiment, and Produce – I seem to have found myself in the experiment phase.  I’m pondering questions like: How might we formalize design thinking into school curriculum?  How might we assess the “soft skills” associated with design thinking?  What are the similarities and differences between design thinking and engineering design which is often associated with Technology Education?  and lots more to come.

So here we go….my own experimental thought journal on issues surrounding design thinking and technology education.  I expect there will be lots of questions and few answers.  Yes, this is totally self serving exercise, but perhaps you share some of my same questions.  My hope is this new change in format will prompt some discussion and feedback.  I’m looking forward to the ride!

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