Quick Post: Closing the gender gap in Tech / Sci / Engineering

Stumbled upon the Makers website this morning.  If you are a teacher looking to promote girls’ participation in science and engineering (or many other careers), then look no further.  I’m intrigued by this topic because in many ways it was the impetus for pursuit of how (and why) to make design thinking happen in K12 education.  Almost a year ago to the day I presented a paper for my Diversity in Education class as required for a masters program.  The idea is that there are many cultural implications that inhibit girls and young women from pursuing careers in science and engineering.  After a year of reflection and research on Design Thinking, it is apparent to me that closing the gender gap in science and engineering is more critical than ever.  In my opinion and experience, women are more innately able to empathize – a key component to design thinking methodology.  If we want to create a culture of innovators (as Tony Wagner proposes in his new book) – particularly social innovators – then the gender gap conversation is an important one.

Back to Makers.  There are lots of website out there promoting girls and STEM, but I find most to be too “kiddy”.  Putting up a website with a pink themed background and linking to interviews with female astronauts does little to inspire in my opinion.  Nothing against astronauts of the space program, but it is not what is once was.   Is it?    Makers profiles successful women in a professional and straightforward way.  No pink bows, no frills – just inspirational stories of entrepreneurship, empathy, and what it’s like to be an agent for change.  Below is a clip of civil engineer with a passion for sustainability and environmental stewardship.  More sci/tech profiles here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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