Quick Post: Bruce Mau’s “Incomplete Manifesto for Growth”

I’ve mentioned Bruce Mau before, but just recently found his firm’s “Incomplete Manifesto for Growth.”   (thanks @jonhusband for tweeting) This is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in positively affecting their world.  Depending on your perspective this is good parenting advice, cliff’s notes for Design Thinking, learning objectives for a design class, or humorous satire.  The “Incomplete Manifesto for Growth” has 43 points.  Which are your favorites??


2 Comments on “Quick Post: Bruce Mau’s “Incomplete Manifesto for Growth””

  1. Jon Husband says:

    How did you find it ?

    • Mr. E says:

      Hi Jon – I saw this link come across your twitter feed and I retweeted. Since I’m new to both the blog and twitter worlds, I thought I’d share here as well. Great find! Many of these are mentioned in the book Glimmer by Warren Berger where Bruce Mau’s work is a central theme.

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