Quick Post: Sparking Creativity thru Divergent Thinking

Sir Ken Robinson is a well known thinker and writer who primarily focuses on the ambiguous idea of creativity.  What does it mean to be creative?  How do we become a creative business leader?  Can we teach creativity?  Do schools stamp out creativity rather than encourage it?  Which is better?

Ken Robinson has dozens of lectures available online.  All are informative and he is quite engaging and humorous as well.  As it relates to Design Thinking in schools, I found the following video particularly intriguing.  This clip is on “Changing Education Paradigms.”  I particularly like this one because of the brilliant visual sketches by RSA Animate that bring the talk to life.  Sir Ken Robinson says we must change the model of education by using and encouraging divergent thinking.  To get right to that point skip forward to the 6:28 mark.  Otherwise, enjoy:

Since this blog is meant to be a clearing house of information and links, I’ll occasionally add these quick posts for links I stumble across and find worthwhile.  I’ll also categorize appropriately and am working on an additional page of categorized links that may be easier to refer to in the future.

4 Comments on “Quick Post: Sparking Creativity thru Divergent Thinking”

  1. mazemangriot says:

    I don’t think schools kill creativity. And I think that creativity can be taught. You see this most in the arts and music classes. But I think that technology is what is killing creativity. With the internet people are so caught up in the “matrix” of it that they don’t live. NOt only does this kill creativity but its killing family, communication, etc.

    • Mr. E says:

      I would agree with you that schools with meaningful classes in the arts certainly teach and cultivate creativity. But the fact is that these classes are getting squeezed by school budgets that are increasingly dependent on standardized test achievement. The standardized test model of education is what’s stamping out any opportunity for creativity, not teachers or schools.

      I hope that this blog will help to introduce the idea of using design thinking to weave creative thought (innovation) into as many subjects as possible in school. I think art (thru architecture/design), science (thru biomimicry/materials/clean energy), and math (thru engineering) classes can all teach their core material while mixing in elements of innovation and design. This is another way to teach creativity (using technology, btw) that can augment traditional arts classes.

  2. mazemangriot says:

    I definitely wish you good luck with your project. And hope that you can get the funding needed. They cut millions out of schools in Denver. But I don’t think that creativity is exclusive to the programs offered or the lack of. I believe that most of the problems can be solved starting at home. Too many parents rely on the schools for all that their kids learn. With my three boys I let the teachers know that they will enhance what I’m doing. Creativity can come at home with crayons coloring book, a keyboard, legos, or even a paper towel roll and paper clips.

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