Designing for Change – watch the bigBANG! conference live

Part of the impetus behind Design Thinking over the last decade or so has stemmed from the idea that designers can help improve – well, anything – through a sound design process.  This includes solutions for wicked problems like clean water in 3rd world countries, alternative energy, pollution, and mobility products for the physically disabled.  These sort of gorilla designers are getting noticed more and more.  Check out the Hippo Roller (a combination transport and filtering device for water) from Emily Pilloton of Project H or the Lifestraw from Vestergaard Frandsen.  These are just a few examples that I have found that really drive home the idea of Social Innovation.  Because the main focus of my Blog is to be a clearinghouse of information, I’ve added a new category of links to the right where you can read more about groups and individuals committed to innovation for common good.  (Thanks TedxSMU and bigBANG! whom I’ve shamelessly reposted their links).


Speaking of bigBANG! – they are a group in Dallas, Tx that produces annual conferences that link social innovators and non-profits with angel investors and sponsors.  This format in not uncommon to the world of venture capital and startups, but the twist here is that these business ideas seek to drive social change.  Kudos!

You can watch a live stream of the conference live TODAY from their site or right here:



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