“Hello my name is, FIRST POST!!!”

I’ve started this blog mainly as an organizational tool for myself.  For the last year or so I’ve been collecting articles, links, blog posts, and other assorted media on the topic of Design Thinking.  Even though I’m fairly neurotic when it comes to file organization on my desktop, my Design Thinking folder is becoming increasingly fragmented and not very friendly to peruse through.  So…..

WordPress to the rescue!  Perhaps by making a concerted effort to blog, I  can declutter my hard drive while motivating myself to continue hunting for fresh material.  This blog will most likely turn out to be a blatant and unashamedly repost of sites and articles I find interesting as a teacher.  I’ll add my own opinions from time to time and always welcome discussion, but overall I’d like “Planting T’s” to be a resource for teachers and parents interested in 21st Century Skills Education and Design Thinking.  My goal is to provide a sort of clearing house of information on these topics.

“What is that?” you ask.  Good question….very good question.  It deserves my all time favorite answer:  “It depends.”  Designers have a hard time defining it for themselves.  I’ll share what I know in a future post…

#cliffhanger #I’m new to hashtags


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